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Golf Skills Challenge & Festival
Friday, July 12, 2019
Salem Golf Club
Not your average corporate golf tournament.

Golf Skills Challenge

Put quite simply, the Corporate Shoot Out is not your average corporate golf tournament. Golfers, be ready to get loud and rowdy while you put your golf skills to the test with 10 unique skills challenges that are centered around a fun, spectator friendly festival including a DJ and food trucks.


This event was crafted around the desire to accomplish two things: (1) determine who is the most-skilled golfer and (2) to give lovers of the greatest game ever played a fun way to support the 15,000 youth served by the Boys & Girls Club of Salem each year.


The “festival” portion of the event will be in a protected area between the 1st and 10th holes. The skills events are surrounding this area in as tight of a layout as possible taking safety into account. The 10th fairway will be a safe inlet for pedestrians - spectators are encouraged! Players and onlookers alike can easily move between events and the festival area throughout the afternoon.



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